Is, Drupal is best fit for my website?

If you are going to search out the cms for your website, and want to deploy the best cms, than drupal is the best solution for it. "Drupal" has very good percentage(14%) market in the world, as compare to total number of sites using cms. Government website such as "" is using drupal as a cms and it shows the power of "Drupal" as most secure and effective cms which is used by the usa government for its website. In recent years,enterprise level websites were migrated to drupal as well , due to its "vast characteristics" drupal is adopted by small business website to enterprise level website. In this era, whether for small business website,company websites, eCommerce website, software's,applications,drupal can best fit for all.As,it is easily managed,user friendly,secure, robust.Below are some other characteristic of drupal.

Drupal is Secure: In this era, lot of the site hacked by hacker and the sites easily hacked, but in this case, drupal stands out from other cms.

Easy migration or adoption: As,This is the trend now a days, everybody revamp,redesign or update its website and for this drupal is best fit as it is easily migrated.

User Friendly: Either,non technical person can easily update its content as drupal provide the easy dashboard, so admin can easily update all the stuff by itself.

E commerce friendly: As, now a days, many eCommerce sites uses drupal commerce or ubercart module as these modules in drupal supports every aspects of ecommerce website.

Vast community supports: Drupal has very large community supports which are available to help.whether,it will be extensive issues, forums or IRC Channels,the probability favors user and resolution is there for users.

Apart from that it has many-many features which stands out drupal to be alone in the queue as compare to other cms, when we choose the cms for website.